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Get Healthier, Fitter and Happier!

At RHF we want all our members to live happy, healthy lives.  We believe that having healthy relationships and a sense of community, a fit and functional body, a grateful, self-compassionate spirit, access to the outdoors and a positive outlook are cornerstones to this.  That is why we have custom designed our offerings and our studio environment to be welcoming and non judgemental.  Why we include outdoor group workouts and excursions on a regular basis.  Why our fitness areas and services are designed to meet the needs of people who know that one size does not in fact fit all.  We love that all of our members are unique and so have custom designed a proprietary Health Assessment Model so we can get to know you and assess your individual needs better!  This tool not only allows us to determine the best place to start, or continue, your fitness/health journey it also provides a roadmap for our team of experts to follow in order to coach all our members as they progress safely and effectively towards their personal goals. 

​We know that once you get to know us, and we get to know you, you will realize that working with the staff at RHF will have a dramatic impact on your health and fitness level and dare we say it, your life! 
Please see our services page for more information and to find out about our Registered Massage Therapy, Registered Thai Massage, Athletic Therapy, Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and more!