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Therapeutic massage.  

An important part of your health and wellness plan.

De-Stress, Relax, Stretch Your Muscles

We believe that Massage Therapy is an essential part of any health and wellness program and so we have a range of Massage Therapy services at Roseland Health & Fitness!

+ Therapeutic Massage
+ Swedish Massage
​+ Thai Yoga Massage

Which massage should you choose? Swedish Massage is characterized by moderate pressure and long strokes that run along the grain of the muscle. It is not only relaxing, but also deeply healing. The therapist can make this a deep tissue, therapeutic massage or a wonderfully spa like relaxation massage. Choose it if you're chronically wound up and need full-body relaxation, or just want to feel deliciously pampered. If you're a beginner, this is the massage for you.

With Thai Yoga Massage you keep your clothes on, lie on a specially designed, padded mat on the floor and let your therapist work your body through a series of stretches designed to release muscular tension.  Choose it if you love the way yoga makes your body feel, or if you can't do yoga but want to experience the same blissed out and invigorated feeling others get from yoga.

How can Massage Therapy help? Our muscles, blood vessels and body tissues are surrounded by layers of connective tissue called fascia, this fascia holds these tissues together in the same manner as plastic wrap holds the contents of a sandwich together. The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems. Through heavy exercise, stress and tension, inflexibility, immobility, lack of movement, surgery and more, our fascial layers can become 'stuck' together. This means that the muscles lose some independence because of these restrictions and must now not only perform its intended action, but also drag along all the structures it is now anchored to creating postural and biomechanical changes, weakness, a lack of endurance, and above all, pain.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE – QUICK ANALOGY: Imagine we load a box with hexagonal HB pencils while the yellow paint is still wet.  When the paint dries, all of the pencils will be stuck together and completely un-usable.  If we break these pencils apart, we will be able to utilize them to their fullest potential even though the paint may not be as pretty or shiny as it once may have been.  This is what Myofascial Release therapists effectively do by stretching and moving tissues with the hands to release inappropriate adhesions within the structure and reorganize the chaotic fibres into a healthy scar, free from inappropriate restrictions.  Successful release often leads to postural correction, greater endurance, ease in strength training, and relief from pain.

Massage Therapy Rates

Many employee benefits plans offer partial or full reimbursement for Massage Therapy.  If your plan requires a doctor referral it is as simple as getting a doctor’s note.  

30 Minute    $55 (including hst)

45 Minute    $75 (including hst)

60 Minute    $95 (including hst)

75 Minute    $115 (including hst)

​90 Minute    $135 (including hst)