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Nutrition Coaching Packages

Initial Visit

In this session you will meet with our Nutritionist where she will go through detailed questionnaires with you in order to get to know you better and to get an understanding of not only your goals, but also your challenges.  At this consultation you will get a chance to talk in depth about your current diet and your current health concerns.  Together you will work on a general plan and guidelines  so you can start making some changes right away.  Following this appointment you will  receive a meal plan with additional resources to assist you on achieving your goals.  It is recommend that you book a follow-up at this appointment.  Fee: $145 (1 x 60 – 90 minute session).

A La Carte Items

  • One Hour Follow up or Brainstorming Session = $90 (as part of a package $65/session)
  • Half Hour Follow up= $60 (as part of a package $40/session)
  • Custom Meal & Supplement Plan = $75
  • In home Cooking Demo, Kitchen Clean Up or Grocery Shopping Tour Fee: $185 (maximum of 3 hours)

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment   

Using nutritional symptomatology we will assess your deficiencies and excesses and prepare a strategy with nutritional recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and emotional well-being  Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test to determine how many calories your body needs to lose, gain or maintain your current weight.  Body measurements to determine health concerns and healthy goals.  A detailed discussion to identify your goals and how they may be influenced by your lifestyle, needs and preferences.  You will receive a a flexible lifestyle, meal and supplement plan designed to meet your individual goals and lifestyle along with three follow up sessions to not only assist with accountability but to ensure you are confident in implementing the plan that was provided, and that all your questions and concerns have been addressed. Fee: $245 (total of 2.5 hours – one hour initial and 3 x 30 minute follow ups)

Nutrition Coaching & Education - Brainstorming Session

In this 1 hour session, you will discuss your challenges, eating habits and health and wellness goals. At the end of the session, you will have specific, simple, practical strategies that will help you get the results you want.  Fee: $90 (total of 1 hour)

Nutrition Coaching Brainstorming Session & Meal Plan

The brainstorming session will result in a customized meal and supplement plan with a follow up session to ensure all your questions are answered and you have a clear understanding of why this meal plan was picked for you and how you can make this meal plan fit your lifestyle best so you can get results. Fee: $195 (total of 2 hours – one hour initial + 1 x 60 minute follow up)

8 week Personalized Nutrition Coaching Program

The 8 week personalized Nutrition Coaching Program starts with a Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment and is for someone who wants results and is committed to achieving their goals. This program is tailored completely around you.  You will get a program for you based on your health, lifestyle, schedule and goals, whether it is to lower your cholesterol, lose weight, boost energy or manage a health condition. With the 8 week Personalized Nutrition Coaching Program, you will receive specific strategies that will allow you to achieve your goals, a personal meal plan based on your food preferences and cooking style, grocery list and recipes.  Fee: $445 (includes 1 hour assessment + 8 weekly follow up sessions)

Wholesome Progressions Weight Loss

Our Wholesome Progressions Weight Loss program starts with a Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment and is for someone who wants results and is committed to achieving their goals. This program will be tailored to YOU, healthy goal setting, motivational strategies, and more.  If you are serious about weight loss you will need to look at our Personal Training programs to ensure you not only take it off…you keep it off…for LIFE!  Fee: $245 + $146/mth with minimum 3 month commitment (includes 1 hour assessment + 3 weekly follow up sessions + 1 additional week per 2 lbs of weight loss required)

Customized Nutrition & Fitness Packages

Don’t see something that meets your needs?  Talk to us and we will design a package that will help you reach your goals and fits into your budge.

Are you ready to Transform Your Health?

Our Wholesome Progression Detoxes are run by Alanna Assenza, registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Wholesome Progressions Nutritional Consulting.   It is a 14 Day Real Food - Real Health Detox that will have you radiating health from the inside out!   One on one or small group sessions available.   

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Nutrition & Wellness Coaching 

At RHF, our wellness team hopes to educate, motivate and inspire you to live your healthiest and happiest life.   We will work with you to help you restore balance and create wellness by using whole foods for healing and a natural approach to health. These dietary and lifestyle changes will have a profound and long lasting effect on the quality of your life. Good nutrition results in a multitude of health benefits which can include healthy weight loss, increased energy levels, stress management, improved digestion, protection against heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic illnesses.
Our services include one-on-one coaching, group programs, workplace wellness seminars and more!