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All our personal, semi-private and small group training are sold as part of a Membership program here at Roseland Health & Fitness. While we do offer drop in or per session rates we are all about building relationships and getting results.  We know we can’t do that in one or even eight sessions.  When you sign on as a member of Roseland Health & Fitness we become committed to you and helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals but we can’t want it more than you so we need to know that you will be committed to your program here too; your Membership here helps us know that and helps you stay consistent, committed and focused.

So how do our memberships work?  First, we would sit down and talk about your specific goals and then determine what the best program would be to get you there in the safest and most effective way.  We agree to a specific time frame for training (e.g., 3 or 6 months), a payment plan is devised and a contract is signed. In most cases clients opt for a regular automatic debit or electronic funds transfer to pay for services. The personal trainer and client determine a schedule, which might include a set number of one-on-one, semiprivate or group sessions per week or month. If you need to cancel, you can simply make up the session later in the chosen program’s time frame.

We know that personal training can be expensive so this helps make it more affordable, in that you will know what you are paying monthly, no surprises, no huge payouts on big packages and if personal training isn’t financially viable, semi-private and small group options are available to make it much more reasonable.  Fitness is not a short-term process, we can’t and won’t guarantee that you will achieve long lasting results in 12 sessions. Healthy living, which includes regular fitness, needs to be a part of your daily life, for the rest of your life.

FYI: Personal training is  just that, personal, just you and your personal trainer.  Semi-privates include two to four people max and our small groups are capped at 8 participants, still lots of opportunity for personal attention at a fraction of the cost.

Training Memberships

Save money when you commit to

three months of

training or more!

Personal Training

Work with our Certified Personal Trainers to design a custom program specifically for your goals. Schedule sessions around your busy schedule with our flexible staff. Packages include a fitness assement, program design, and nutrition guidance. 

​If you are truly serious about changing your fitness level or the health of your body then one on one Personal Training is the best way you can improve yourself physically and mentally.  When you train with one of our Personal Trainers we get to know how your body and your mind work.  We learn how to motivate YOU and to help you stay COMMITTED to a healthy living lifestyle.  We push and motivate but we also get to know your limits thus keeping you safe and injury free.  We know that once you get to know us, and we get to know you, you will realize that training with an RHF Personal Training Specialist will have a dramatic impact on your fitness level and dare we say it, your life!

If Personal Training simply isn't in the budget or you simply like to have fun and be social while you exercise then ask us about our Semi-Private Training programs!

SEMI-PRIVATE Personal Training

Do you think that having a personal fitness trainer is beyond your reach?  Then let us show you how our Semi-Private Personal Training program makes fitness fun and affordable.

Semi-Private training differs from small group training in that the groups are limited to 2-4 individuals so that each client is provided with an individualized program (not one size fits all of group training) that you perform while being closely monitored by one of our expert fitness coaches.  This method is efficient, effective and structured to meet your personal goals.  

Which option is best for you?