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As a regular client of Roseland fitness I have to thank both Christine and Claire for helping my family and me with our physical and mental fitness. With an actively athletic past and plenty of injury, Claire has had the pleasure of putting the proverbial Humty Dumty together again. After a hip replacement at 53 and an expectation to continue my athletic pursuits, I asked Claire to rehabilitate me after I had experienced some physio therapy elsewhere. Claire was always incredibly understanding of the mental game rehab is for me. She was always encouraging and at the same time pushed me to my limits. Her focus on functionality of movement made complete sense to me and we worked diligently on this with very quick results. After 8 weeks I was able to graduate “back” to Christine, who continues to work with me on strength training. I am not quite 100% yet, but after 4 months I have full expectation to be back on the slopes again this winter. Thank you Claire and Christine for taking care of me and my family. JULIETTE LAMB​

I started my personal training with Sue in September 2016 and I always look forward to my workout sessions.  Sue is a great motivator and always encourages me to exceed my expectations!  Every workout is a new challenge and is customized to meet my specific needs.  I've gained strength and confidence in the last 6 months.  I value greatly my relationship with Sue and look forward to continuing on my health journey with her! DEBBIE JEFFERY

I am 13 years old and I've been training with Sue for almost 2 years now and she has been great.  She motivates me to try harder and to keep coming every week.  I love going to see her every Monday and Wednesday, I try to never miss.  Sue is the best!! SOPHIE DAGHER

I just want to share how much I am not only enjoying the yoga classes at Roseland but how I seem to find a new edge in every class with Christine. It is clear that she has a deep practice incorporating, but also going beyond strength, flexibility and balance. My body, mind, heart and spirit all feel healthier after every class. Plus, the space is clean, welcoming and full of positive energy.  JEFF

A year ago I was diagnosed with a neuro- muscular disease for which there is no cure, but for which exercise rehabilitation is an important component.  A friendintroduced me to Claire and I have worked with her ever since. She took the time to read about my disease and has designed a program, complete with exercises at home to keep me going. Her thoughtful, professional approach has resulted in my retaining strength as well as regaining some of the capabilities I had lost. I would not hesitate to recommend Roseland Health and Fitness to anyone in need of Athletic Therapy and also for fitness. AWK 

After dealing with some cardiac surgery, I decided to try personal training for the first time. Claire and Christine are awesome!!! Claire is lots of fun to workout with, challenging and always aware of my personal challenges. I highly recommend these two great ladies to help with all your fitness needs. Join, have fun and best of all, get in shape! MARIE BRIDGES

I am an office worker who has sat on his duff during the work day for many, many years. Outside of work I have been active. I always favoured running, golfing, hockey, tennis, baseball, basketball--‘real’ sports in other words. I always thought of yoga as ‘flaky’. But after a scare (I developed dropped foot due to an L5 pinch) I was told I needed to get more flexible and I was referred to Christine Sachse. I reluctantly tried yoga and 18 months later have not turned back-no pun intended. I still run and golf and curl but with the yoga now I am more flexible, I breathe better for sure, and-dare I say it- I am more mindful and I don’t even care if that sounds flaky.  After a one hour yoga session I am way more productive at work for the rest of that day. Love it. No turning back.

​I have been training with Christine Sachse, co-owner of Roseland fitness, for several years.  Christine has created the perfect training program for me which includes a great mix of cardio, strength and resistance training. Christine is very professional, motivated and leads by example. Christine really cares about me succeeding, and achieving my personal goals. She is gentle in her approach, and pushes me beyond what I think my body is capable of. Christine is very knowledgeable and continues to keep current in her study of health, exercise and nutrition.  Christine offers more than the typical personal trainer. She is good for the soul- mind- body and spirit. ELSIE UBRIACO

I see Claire once a week and I always look forward to it. I feel as though it kick starts my workout week. I do cardio on my own and weights but it's different when you have someone pushing you to you to your max...sometimes you just need that extra push. I've improved my strength, balance and core significantly since working with her. I've also done one of Christine's group sessions and was a great workout. Cardio and strength in one...I was definitely sore for a few days after (that’s what I like to feel). I'm very proud of these two ladies. They have worked so hard to accomplish their dream. I know they will succeed in this business as it is their passion and has been part of their lives for a long time. Thank you ladies for the inspiration!!

​I have been working with Christine Sachse since 2012 on my fitness training.  She is a remarkable trainer as well as an individual.  I am not always easy to motivate!  Sometimes because I have an inflammatory arthritis, I want to skip my sessions.  I could easily hide behind the fact that I am a busy working mother of three children. I know however that I will disappoint Christine as much as myself, so I reluctantly go.  I am always pleased after.  I feel better and Christine deals with me in a kind, compassionate, yet professional manner.  She pushes me to do things that I would never have done on my own, and for that I am grateful. My strength and mobility are much improved. I am ecstatic that she and Claire have opened up Roseland Health & Fitness.  I recommend them both highly to my patients and friends.
DR. JANE E. McDONALD  family medicine

Christine was my trainer for several years. She continued to challenge
and motivate me all that time.  Her warm and nurturing manner ensured that I maintained my interest and increased my fitness level consistently. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and helped me to tweak my diet so I have a better and more consistent energy level. As a result of Christine's coaching I am in the best physical condition I have ever been even though I am now a senior! ​ANNE MARIE CHRISTIAN 

​I am so excited and happy to see you setting up your new facility together.  I have been training with Claire for over two years.  Her background in Athletic Therapy and Personal Training have certainly made such an impact in my life.  When I started with Claire I had no idea that I would become so physically fit and strong. (btw I am an almost 70 year old grandmother of 9) I feel fabulous.  I used to think that I needed to lose weight (always that last 10 lbs) and that certainly for many years was my main focus before I started training with Claire.  Over the past few years I have lost inches and become very pleased with my body image.  Muscles where I didn’t think I had them.  I can keep up with my 5 children and have lots of energy. I have known both Claire and Christine so I can vouch for their work ethic and dedication to their clients.  I would have no hesitation referring any of my friends and colleagues to this wonderful fitness and health studio.

I am an active person who thought she knew how to eat properly to fuel her life! Except, an ongoing feeling of “puffiness” and mid-afternoon lethargy led me to consult about my nutrition with Christine! It was the BEST investment in myself that I have made in a long time. Christine listened and set real goals with me, which weren’t just about a number on a scale, but about overall wellbeing and were sustainable. She helped me to slowly and securely adapt solid habits which I continue with today, two years later. And, my puffiness is gone, and energy levels are great! Thanks Christine!   JEN WALKER

Christine was my personal trainer for five years, her friendly personality creates a warm atmosphere.   She is extremely knowledgeable, not only in fitness but her knowledge of a healthy lifestyle is inspiring and I am almost eighty years old.    It is never too late to become healthy in mind and body.   Thank you Christine.   GWYNETH KING

It has been my pleasure to train with Christine over the past several years. More recently my teenagers have joined the ranks of her fans! Christine is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, yoga and the interplay between mind and body. She brings a balanced approach to all she does while providing challenging and varied workouts. One of Christine's greatest gifts is her ability to" read" her clients and respond appropriately to their needs. She brings with her a sense of humour and enthusiasm to each session. I recommend her without reservation!  JULIE MILLER